Professional Sales Consultants from various regions, background and experience
Young, innovative and mainly technological small and medium companies whose target customers are other enterprises and who want to have more customers, get additional sales channel or expand to other regions.
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For Startups

There is no flat rate. You only pay success fee for the deal
Our service is based on commission, i.e. you pay percentages of the deals made by our freelancers. They highly depend on the type of your product and agreement between you and the freelancer.
Once you have a contract with a new customer.
As many as you can handle.
We charge startups a small service fee from each deal. For more information, see our pricing.

For Freelnacers

You only pay a small service fee from your earnings, see our freelancer pricing.
It depends on you involvement. Everything is based on commission and maybe a certain amount of flat rate if you agree on that with the startup. Both depends on your agreement.
As many as you can handle.
This again depends on your agreement with the startup. Typically, once you make a deal.
With a startup. We only help you to find them.